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06 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM

Producing 67 Thousand Tons of Nickel, Harum Energy (HRUM) Injects USD 500 Million in BSE Capital
Harum Energy (HRUM) invested USD 500 million. The tactical funds were transferred by the subsidiary Tanito Harum Nickel (THN) to Blue Sparking Energy (BSE). Later, the loan facility will be used to speed up the high pressure acid leaching project.The project is designed to produce nickel-cobalt hydroxide intermediate product (MHP - Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate) with an annual installed capacity of around 67 thousand tons of nickel equivalent, and around 7,500 tons of cobalt, including facilities and supporting infrastructure. Apart from that, these funds will also be used to refinance debt and for general company purposes. Loan withdrawals can be made more than once with interest secured overnight funding rate (SOFR) plus 2.60 percent per year. This counts from every loan disbursement until the principal amount is paid in full.The loan can be returned by BSE at any time before maturity, or in full on the maturity date. Where, it matures on the 60th of the month since the loan agreement was signed. Loans can be repaid in cash or, at Tanito Nickel's discretion, converted into shares in BSE on mutually agreed terms. This transaction is based on the company's aim to achieve sustainable business growth. One of them is diversifying the business through expansion into mining and nickel processing businesses. Transactions are also a form of implementing expansion to create sustainable business growth. BSE is currently in the construction phase of the high-pressure acid leaching project which requires development costs. This transaction will not only expand the company's nickel product diversification, but also provide opportunities for the company in the battery raw material market. "Providing loans to finance the development and construction of BSE's high-pressure acid leaching project, and debt refinancing," said Ray Gunara, Approver for Harum Energy.Image source: www.emitennews.comSource: 67 Ribu Ton Nikel Harum Energy HRUM Suntik Modal BSE USD 500 Juta
06 Oct 2023, 09:00 AM

Accelerating Coal Downstreaming, Government Prepares Additional Incentives
Indonesia's coal production in 2022 reached 687 million tons, an increase when compared to coal production in 2021. Coal production in 2022 is used to meet domestic needs as much as 215 million tons, one of which is as a supply for the needs of coal-fired power plants, while some are marketed abroad.Even though coal production has increased, Acting Director General of Mineral and Coal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Bambang Suswantono, revealed that according to the Roadmap to Net Zero Emission (NZE) scenario, coal production will decline in 2030."The decline in coal production is due to a decrease in coal export numbers, as well as the need for coal as raw material for electricity generation, along with the increase in raw materials from New Renewable Energy (EBT) to become a source of electricity generation," explained Bambang.Therefore, Bambang said that one of the strategies for utilizing coal is coal downstreaming, in line with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo's program of downstreaming industry to achieve a golden Indonesia by 2045, so that it will provide added value to the products produced.Coal can be processed into derivative products, both as industrial raw materials and energy sources such as Dimethyl Ether (DME), Methanol, Synthetic Gas, Hydrogen and Ammonia. Currently, several downstream coal industries have been completed, namely coal briquettes, coke making, and coal upgrading.To support coal downstreaming, Bambang said that the government is providing three incentives for companies that are committed to carrying out coal downstreaming, namely by reducing special coal royalty rates. for coal gasification to 0%, then setting special coal prices to increase added value (gasification) which is carried out at the mine mouth."The third incentive is that the validity period of the coal mining business permit specifically for coal for gasification is given in accordance with the economic age of the coal gasification industry," he said.Image source: www.esdm.go.idSource: Hilirisasi Batubara Pemerintah Siapkan Insentif Tambahan
05 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM

PT Freeport Indonesia Successfully Reduces Carbon Emissions by 24 Percent
President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia, Tonny Wenas, said that his party had succeeded in reducing carbon emission production by 20 - 24 percent until 2023 because the company changed several operational fuels. "This is our effort to contribute to reducing carbon emissions as recommended by the government," said Tonny Wenas at an event entitled 'Reducing Emissions in Indonesia's Mining Sector' which was held at the Kempinski hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (26/09). One of them is changing the transportation of copper ore from trucks to electric trains. Tonny Wenas explained that initially his party transported copper ore from the mining area using hundreds of trucks. He detailed that around 300 tons of copper ore were transported using 150 trucks a day. Tonny Wenas believes that truck activity increases the production of carbon emissions in a day. "So imagine how much carbon emissions come out of burning fossils and fuel," said Tony. Because of this, his party started switching to electric trains.Since using electric trains, the company can transport 110 thousand tons of copper ore from the lower mine. He also added that electric trains are considered faster in delivering mining products compared to trucks. Apart from using electric trains, PT Freeport Indonesia also uses alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions, namely new fuels in the form of B30 (30 percent biodiesel and 70 percent diesel fuel), B40 (40 percent biodiesel and 60 percent diesel fuel) and B50 ( 50 percent biodiesel and 50 percent diesel fuel) as operational fuel for several tools. "This also helps us reduce carbon emissions that occur from upstream and downstream," he said. Now, the mining company located in Mimika district, Central Papua has formed a special team to look for innovative new energy sources to replace fossils to be used in mining production. With various efforts, he believes PT Freeport Indonesia can achieve a 60 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2060.Image source: Freeport Indonesia Berhasil Kurangi 24 Persen Emisi Karbon
05 Oct 2023, 09:00 AM

MBMA Encourages Downstreaming of Nickel for the Sustainability of EV Batteries

CNBC Indonesia/Verda Nano Setiawan
PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (MDKA) through its subsidiary PT Merdeka Battery Materials Tbk (MBMA), is increasingly aggressively downstreaming nickel to encourage the electric vehicle supply chain. This is proven by MBMA through collaboration with its strategic partners Tsingshan, CATL and Huayou."MBMA, together with Tsingshan, CATL and Huayou, is well positioned in its long-term strategy to maximize the value of its portfolio of high-quality assets from upstream to downstream expansion projects to produce critical materials to support the rapidly growing value of electric vehicles," said MBMA President Director Devin Ridwan , Monday (18/9/2023).MBMA's commitment is further strengthened after releasing its initial shares in April 2023 and obtaining fresh funds of IDR 9.2 trillion, MBMA has made significant progress in expanding and developing business along the battery value chain located in Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The company uses these funds to finance the construction and development of existing and developing projects.The 2023 Capex allocation so far includes the completion of the haul road from the SCM mine which will start sending nickel ore to IMIP, completion of the AIM project, initial production of ZHN's third RKEF facility as well as the acquisition of PT Huaneng Metal Industry (HNMI).Currently MBMA has three processing plants (smelters) with Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace (RKEF) technology which produce nickel pig iron (NPI), namely PT Cahaya Smelter Indonesia, PT Bukit Smelter Indonesia, and PT Zhao Hui Nickel (ZHN) with a total installed capacity of 88,000 tons of nickel in NPI per year .In the last quarter, NPI (Nickel Pig Iron) nickel production reached 11,870 tons with an All-In Sustaining Cost (AISC) of 13,459 US dollars/ton. MBMA also achieved more than 7.5 million working hours without Loss Time Injury (LTI) which is proof of MBMA's commitment to employee safety throughout its operations. On May 31 2023, MBMA completed the acquisition of 60% shares in PT Huaneng Metal Industry (HNMI), which has a high grade nickel matte (HGNM) conversion facility in the Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) area.MBMA also plans to build a nickel smelting plant with High-Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) technology, with a capacity of 120,000 tons each, which will be built in the Indonesia Konawe Industrial Park (IKIP) complex.The construction of this factory will be carried out in two stages, with the first operational stage amounting to 60,000 tons. This factory will take limonite from the Sulawesi Cahaya Minerals (SCM) mine, which is one of the largest nickel resources in the world in accordance with the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC).MBMA believes it can take advantage of the opportunity to downstream the electric vehicle battery value chain. MBMA strives to meet the world's electric motor vehicle battery needs in the future."We aspire to become a leading integrated battery materials company and have a high commitment to implementing ESG ( Environment, Social & Governance ) standards," said Devin again.Image source: CNBC Indonesia/Verda Nano SetiawanSource: Dorong Hilirisasi Nikel Demi Keberlangsungan Baterai EV
05 Oct 2023, 08:00 AM

Indonesia commits to supply PH coal

Indonesia has committed to the “uninterrupted supply” of its coal to the Philippines, specifically in cases of supply constraints, as demand steadily recovers, the Department of Energy (DOE) said last week.Following his agency’s meeting with other members of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-Eaga), Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla explained to reporters that the neighboring country would make sure that the Philippines “continues to have access to regular coal supply.”“As you know, almost 80 percent of our coal supply for our coal-fired power plants and for nonpower uses is sourced abroad. It’s imported,” Lotilla said, adding that 98 percent of imported coal came from Indonesia.In August, the DOE met with the BIMP-Eaga country members for the 41st Asean ministers on energy meeting on sustainable energy security and interconnectivity.Coal importation from Indonesia was among the key discussions, Lotilla said, as the Philippines remained largely dependent on this fossil fuel for power.While the national government aims to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix from the current 22 percent to 35 percent by 2030 and 50 percent by 2040, Lotilla himself had previously admitted that the Philippines could not immediately retire its coal plants.China says visit by Syria's Assad to push ties to 'new level' China says visit by Syria's Assad to push ties to 'new level'Indonesia’s commitment came after its supply for domestic use had stabilized in the aftermath of the pandemic.In January 2022, Indonesia implemented a monthlong ban on the export of coal, as a state-owned electric company lamented that it was running low on supply for power.Then Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi appealed to Indonesia to end the moratorium, saying that the policy would be “detrimental to economies that rely on coal-fired power generation systems, like the Philippines.”The Indonesian government later lifted the ban, after coal exporters complied with their domestic market obligation rules and local demand was met.“Now they gave an assurance that they will make sure we will have an uninterrupted supply … For a BIMP-Eaga member like the Philippines that is importing coal from Indonesia, we can have arrangements whenever there are [supply] constraints,” Lotilla said.Image source: CONTRIBUTED PHOTOSource: Commits To Supply PH Coal
04 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM

National Alumina Smelter Construction 68% Progress
PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia received a working visit from the Deputy Minister of BUMN of the Republic of Indonesia Kartiko Wirjoatmodjo in the Mempawah Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery (SGAR) construction area, West Kalimantan.The visit is a step by the Ministry of BUMN in supporting the implementation of national strategic projects to meet alumina needs in Indonesia.During the visit, Deputy Minister Kartiko reviewed the progress of the Smelter construction, which had begun the construction process in 2019. During the visit, it was seen that the progress of the Mempawah SGAR construction had reached 68 percent, with a target of completion in 2024.The SGAR project will connect the supply chain between the bauxite ore mineral (West Kalimantan) and the aluminum smelting plant (INALUM).If it is operational, it is calculated that it can produce 1 million tons of alumina per year (raw material 3.3 million tons of bauxite per year). It is targeted to start production in 2024 and reach full production capacity in 2025.The Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery in Mempawah is a strategic project carried out collaboratively by Inalum and Antam through Inalum's subsidiary, namely PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia (BAI).SGAR Mempawah is part of INALUM's corporate action in creating an integrated aluminum industry ecosystem from upstream to downstream.Inalum hopes to continue to get support from all stakeholders so that Indonesia's dreams can be achieved quickly and national aluminum downstreaming can quickly be realized.Present during the visit were MIND ID Portfolio and Business Development Director Dilo Seno Widagdo and PT INALUM Main Director Danny Praditya, INALUM Business Development Director Melati Sarnita and BAI Main Director Leonard Manurung.Several other corporate actions were carried out by Inalum in order to increase production capacity in response to the high potential of the national aluminum market which currently has a demand of up to 1 million tons.These projects include the Reduction Furnace Technology Upgrading Project which will be completed in 2023, the Kuala Tanjung Smelter Optimization which is targeted to increase production capacity in 2024-2025 and the IAA Aluminum Remelt Diversification Project.Image source: pewarta.coSource: Smelter Alumina 68 Persen Hilirisasi Industri Aluminium Nasional Hampir Lengkap
04 Oct 2023, 09:00 AM

Delta Dunia Group (DOID) Records Progress in ESG Initiatives in H 1-2023
Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk (Delta Dunia Group) or (DOID), the parent company of PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA), BUMA Australia Pty Ltd (BUMA Australia), PT Bukit Teknologi Digital (B-TECH), and PT BISA Ruang Nuswantara (BIRU), reported strong volume and EBITDA growth, as well as the lowest Net Debt to EBITDA ratio in the First semester of 2023.Dian Andyasuri, Director of Delta Dunia Group, said that until semester I - 2023, total revenue increased 19 percent on an annual basis to USD 0.86 billion (IDR 13.35 trillion).Strong operational performance was demonstrated by producing 286 million bank cubic meters (BCM), an increase in overburden (OB) volume of 10% YoY, and 42 million metric tons (MT) of coal, an increase in coal production of 2% YoY.EBITDA rose to USD 175 million (Rp2.71 trillion), an increase of 7% YoY, demonstrating the Group's operational strength.Despite industry challenges, the Group maintained strong margins, with a slight decline of 3% YoY, primarily due to inflationary pressures in its Indonesian operations. In contrast, Australia managed to maintain its margins despite increased costs from new contracts. Net profit decreased slightly to USD 5 million (IDR 77.63 billion), down 13% YoY, largely due to higher funding increases as a result of an increase in the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR).Capital expenditure (Capex) amounted to USD 44 million (IDR 683.14 billion), a decrease of 47% YoY, the result of the successful completion of several projects in Indonesia.Operational Cash Flow (OCF) increased to USD 143 million (IDR 2.22 trillion) due to an increase in EBITDA, resulting in positive Free Cash Flow (FCF) of USD 105 million (IDR 1.63 trillion).Cash balance of USD 218 million (IDR 3.38 trillion) at the end of Semester I 2023Strong financial health with a Net Debt to EBITDA ratio of 1.99x, the lowest in the last five years, reflects prudent and disciplined financial management in a capital-intensive industry.Apart from that, in September 2023, BUMA recorded a significant achievement by receiving the first Sharia syndicated financing in the company's history. The total value of the financing facility is USD 60 million (IDR 931.56 billion), with PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. as Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA), facility agent, and guarantee agent with a financing value of USD 50 million (IDR 776.3 billion).Dian Andyasuri, Director of Delta Dunia Group, said, "In the midst of tough challenges, we not only managed to weather the storm but also recorded revenue growth. Results in the first H of 2023 reflect the transformation of our core business, along with efforts to diversify revenue sources.In the first half of the year, we achieved a significant change in the composition of our revenues, with Metallurgical and Infrastructure coal accounting for 18%, marking a significant step towards reducing the proportion of revenues derived from thermal coal production, which now stands at 82%."This progress is a continuation of Delta Dunia Group's results in 2022 (FY2022), when metallurgical coal revenues only reached 13%."During the first semester of 2023, Delta Dunia Group achieved significant progress in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives. The Group succeeded in achieving an extraordinary ranking as the second best performing company in the global coal sub-industry, also achieving a position in the 15% of the best performing companies in the world oil and gas industry, based on the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating assessment.Delta Dunia Group substantially improved its ESG Risk Rating score from 42.4 in 2022 to 32.7 in July 2023, marking an improvement of 10 points (or 25%). In line with its commitment to ESG, Delta Dunia Group inaugurated its social subsidiary, PT BISA Ruang Nuswantara (BIRU) in September 2023. In addition, BUMA Australia is actively developing its mine rehabilitation and closure services, working at four operational locations.Dian emphasized that in Sustainalytics' assessment, Delta Dunia Group excels in various key areas, including carbon-related products and services such as carbon emission management in our operations, corporate governance practices, community engagement, and occupational health and safety measures, as well as emissions, waste, as well as waste handling. Persistent efforts to effectively mitigate carbon emissions have changed our classification from high risk to a more moderate level of carbon management. We have diligently advanced mine rehabilitation and closure initiatives at our Australian operations, with successful rehabilitation and environmental project outcomes spanning more than two decades. In addition, by inaugurating BIRU, we aim to contribute further to the sustainable development agenda in Indonesia.The scope is to improve the skills of local workers to be globally competitive through education tailored to industry needs and supporting social entrepreneurship. Everything is done while maintaining our firm commitment to environmental preservation, explained Dian.At the same time, Delta Dunia Group continued its share buyback program and acquired 1,285 million shares purchased until August 4 2023, representing 14.9% of the Company's outstanding shares."Delta Dunia Group's performance in the first half underscores our commitment to sustainable growth, financial strength and dedication to environmental responsibility. The Group maintains its strong focus on delivering value to stakeholders while pioneering positive change in the industry, as we continue to grow and diversify our business," concluded Dian.Image source: www.emitennews.comSource: Dunia Grup DOID Catatkan Kemajuan Dalam Inisiatif ESG Di Semester I 2023
03 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM

Nickel Industries Builds Solar Power Plant to Produce Environmentally Friendly Nickel

NICKEL Industries (NIC) is committed to producing environmentally friendly nickel products that produce little carbon. One way is to collaborate with PT Sumber Energi Surya Nusantara (SESNA), a renewable energy company that focuses on developing solar energy.NIC Sustainability Manager Muchtazar said that his party is committed together with SESNA to reduce the carbon footprint in order to produce clean and sustainable nickel. The use of solar power plants (PLTS) is considered a concrete step to reduce carbon emissions. "This is one of the efforts we are making to reduce our carbon footprint, including through collaboration with SESNA and making our energy use more efficient," said Muchtazar.The nickel mining and processing area in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, he added, has large solar energy potential, making it very possible for nickel production operations. Collaboration with SESNA is considered a very strategic collaboration. Based on the evaluation results of a number of renewable energy potentials such as hydropower, wind and solar, it turns out that solar power plants (PLTS) have great potential to be used to produce nickel."We are very happy to collaborate with SESNA as a solar power provider from Indonesia. So, we want to prioritize local partners because we want the company's existence to contribute positively to Indonesia's development," said Muchtazar. As a start, the NIC project, through its subsidiary, PT Hengjaya Mineralindo, began utilizing hybrid PLTS with an initial capacity of 395 kilowatt peak (kWp) to see the advantages of using solar energy sources. The use of PLTS developed by SESNA is intended to support mining operations and employee mess. Seeing the good performance of this project, NIC then continued developing the project with a larger capacity, namely 200 megawatt peak (MWp) to be used as an energy source for nickel processing activities or smelters in the Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park area. "So far we are very satisfied with this collaboration and want to immediately increase the energy capacity produced from solar power, both in our mines and smelters in the future," said Muchtazar.The use of PLTS is in line with the sustainability program carried out by Nickel Industries, especially in the environmental pillar. NIC strives to produce nickel that is environmentally friendly or has a low carbon footprint. Currently, nickel is said to be one of the raw materials used to manufacture various products, one of which is electric vehicle (EV) battery products. Therefore, it is hoped that the use of PLTS can produce nickel that is processed sustainably.Muchtazar also denied that the operational costs incurred for using EBT were quite expensive. According to him, PLTS can actually save more costs. "In collaboration with SESNA, this renewable energy can be obtained at the same cost or even cheaper than conventional. So actually by implementing EBT we can also save in the long term," said Muchtazar.NIC hopes that the cooperation in developing PLTS with SESNA can be sustainable in the future so that the nickel mining and processing business can continue to run well. Nickel Industries' reputation in the world of nickel mining is quite respected. In early September 2023, this company received the Sustainability title from the TrenAsia ESG Awards. SESNA is a local renewable energy company that focuses on developing PLTS projects. The focus is as a solution provider starting from the development process, engineering, procurement & construction, as well as operations & maintenance. SESNA also provides a zero capex or solar rental investment scheme for the mining industry interested in transitioning to renewable energy more efficiently. (RO/Z-2)Image source: ANTARASource: Hasilkan Nikel Ramah Lingkungan Nickel Industries Bangun PLTS



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