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Borneo Indobara Won the 2022 GMP Award

Mon 10 Oct 2022, 08:30 AM



A coal mining company from South Kalimantan, PT Borneo Indobara (BIB) managed to get the 2022 Good Mining Engineering (GMP) Implementation Award trophy from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).

The highest award at the GMP event was handed over directly by the Director General of Mineral and Coal, Ridwan Djmalauddin to bib's Director of Operations, R Utoro at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (29/9).

Director of Mineral and Coal Engineering and Environment of the Directorate General of Coal Minerals, Sunindyo Suryo Herdadi stated, this award is an assessment of performance and success in the application of good mining engineering rules in mineral and coal mining business activities.

"This activity is also intended to give appreciation and motivation to all mining companies," said Sunindyo.

Sunindyo hopes that this activity will motivate mining business actors to continue to apply good mining rules in their mining activities and become a benchmark for the Government regarding the success of fostering supervision of technical and environmental aspects of mining business activities.

"We also hope that this activity can increase the motivation of all mining activity actors to continue to carry out mining operations in accordance with the principles of applying good mining engineering rules and become a benchmark for the government for the success of fostering supervision of technical and environmental aspects of mining business activities," hoped Sunindyo.

Meanwhile, Ridwan said that good mining technique is an absolute requirement that must be met by mining personnel.

"We advise you to continuously maintain and improve performance and be able to become a role model. We invite every mining person to collaborate together to implement Good Mining Practices," said Ridwan.

In addition to receiving the highest award trophy, BIB also won other categories of achievements, namely Aspects of Mining Engineering Management Group of business entities holding PKP2B, IUP BUMN, IUP PMA, IUPK coal commodities by winning aditama (gold).

An award in the form of gold was also won by BIB in the category of Aspects of Mining Environmental Management.

In addition, this Sinar Mas Group subsidiary received a major award (silver) in several aspects, namely Aspects of Mining Safety Management, Aspects of Application of Mineral and Coal Conservation and Aspects of Standardization Management and Mining Services Business.


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