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United Tractors (UNTR) Launches Komatsu HB365-1 Hybrid Excavator

Thu 14 Jul 2022, 14:23 PM



PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR) and Komatsu launched their newest hybrid excavator product, as well as the first in Indonesia for the 30 ton class, namely the Komatsu HB365-1. This excavator uses hybrid components that are more durable and reliable in harnessing electrical energy to produce powerful performance. Thus, this excavator helps reduce footprint emissions by up to 13 kg/hour and saves fuel consumption by up to 17% when compared to non-hybrid excavator models.

United Tractors Corporate Governance & Sustainability Division Head Sara K. Loebis said, although currently the policies that regulate exhaust emissions are only available for passenger or commercial vehicles, United Tractors and Komatsu always support environmental sustainability in Indonesia by presenting environmentally friendly products.

"Together with Komatsu, which is a pioneer in presenting hybrid excavators in Indonesia, we continue to innovate so that we can play an active role in minimizing negative impacts on humans and the environment and gradually contribute to realizing an emission-free Indonesia," Sara said in her official statement, Thursday (14/14/2020). 7).

Sara said, as a company that is mostly involved in the sale of heavy equipment for industry, UNTR has a special concern for environmental issues as part of the implementation of environmental, social & governance (ESG) initiatives. 
Therefore, the presence of Komatsu HB365-1 is a form of the company's commitment in developing environmentally friendly products.

Marketing Division Head United Tractors Etot Listyono said, Komatsu continues to design, develop, test, and deliver heavy equipment with principles towards zero emission. 
Komatsu HB365-1 is intended for use in various sectors such as coal and mineral mining, namely nickel, gold, tin and bauxite as well as construction works. Komatsu HB365-1 utilizes the kinetic energy generated by the swing movement and engine rotation to generate electrical energy stored in the capacitor through the inverter. The stored energy is reused for swing movement and helps engine rotation. This makes the unit more efficient in fuel use because the engine workload is reduced.

"Every product sold by United Tractors must have gone through a study and research process that is tailored to the needs of the Indonesian market," said Etot. Etot added, Komatsu has been developing hybrid technology research since 1999 and it took almost 10 years to develop its first hybrid excavator product.



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