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PT Freeport Indonesia Successfully Reduces Carbon Emissions by 24 Percent

Thu 05 Oct 2023, 12:00 PM



President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia, Tonny Wenas, said that his party had succeeded in reducing carbon emission production by 20 - 24 percent until 2023 because the company changed several operational fuels. 

"This is our effort to contribute to reducing carbon emissions as recommended by the government," said Tonny Wenas at an event entitled 'Reducing Emissions in Indonesia's Mining Sector' which was held at the Kempinski hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (26/09). 

One of them is changing the transportation of copper ore from trucks to electric trains. Tonny Wenas explained that initially his party transported copper ore from the mining area using hundreds of trucks. 

He detailed that around 300 tons of copper ore were transported using 150 trucks a day. Tonny Wenas believes that truck activity increases the production of carbon emissions in a day. 

"So imagine how much carbon emissions come out of burning fossils and fuel," said Tony. Because of this, his party started switching to electric trains.

Since using electric trains, the company can transport 110 thousand tons of copper ore from the lower mine. He also added that electric trains are considered faster in delivering mining products compared to trucks. 

Apart from using electric trains, PT Freeport Indonesia also uses alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions, namely new fuels in the form of B30 (30 percent biodiesel and 70 percent diesel fuel), B40 (40 percent biodiesel and 60 percent diesel fuel) and B50 ( 50 percent biodiesel and 50 percent diesel fuel) as operational fuel for several tools. 

"This also helps us reduce carbon emissions that occur from upstream and downstream," he said. 

Now, the mining company located in Mimika district, Central Papua has formed a special team to look for innovative new energy sources to replace fossils to be used in mining production. With various efforts, he believes PT Freeport Indonesia can achieve a 60 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2060.

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Source: Freeport Indonesia Berhasil Kurangi 24 Persen Emisi Karbon


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